University of Melbourne now tobacco free

Designated Smoking Areas

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Smoke-Free Campuses Procedure


Smoking Cessation Support Programs




The University of Melbourne is phasing out tobacco across all of its campuses to promote a healthier environment to students, staff and visitors to our campuses.

As an internationally recognised leader in health research, education and training, the move ensures the University is matching its best practice education and research in this area with best practice policy. The University chose to implement its tobacco-free policy on 4 February 2014 to coincide with World Cancer Day.

As part of its move, the University has established Designated Smoking Areas across each of its campuses as it phases in a ban on smoking over the next 12 months.

The University has also established support programs to assist those wishing to quit smoking and to further promote health and wellbeing for all staff and students.

The University will continue to prohibit smoking in all University vehicles and buildings. Where a University building is not located within the boundaries of a specified University campus, smoking will be prohibited on the University land surrounding the building.

Under the new policy, the University does not allow tobacco advertising, promotion or sponsorship and tenants in university-owned buildings can no longer sell any tobacco products. The University also does not allow direct investment in tobacco companies as part of its investment portfolio.